Royal albatross/toroa chick
Image: Laura Honey | DOC


Use these to support student viewing the albatross 'Royal cam'.


Published: 2017

The ‘Royal cam' is a camera set up at a royal albatross/toroa nest at Taiaroa Head near Dunedin. The nest is filmed for the entire breeding season. These activities have been designed to support student viewing of the Royal cam. 

Watch Royal cam

Download the resource

Observing a royal albatross/toroa (PDF, 634K)

About the activities

Activity 1: Learning observation skills using the DOC ‘Royal cam’ 

Learning intentions:

  • Students are learning to make observations and inferences to describe royal albatross features.

Activity 2: Learning about the life cycle of the royal albatross/toroa using royal cam live footage

Learning intentions:

  • Students are learning to make observations and inferences about the life cycle of the royal albatross.

Curriculum links


  • Nature of science: Investigating in science – ask questions, find evidence, explore simple models and carry out investigations to develop simple explanations.
  • Living world: Ecology – recognise that living things are suited to their particular habitats.
  • Living world: Life processes – recognise that there are life processes common to all living things and that these occur in different ways .

Science capabilities

  • Gather and interpret data.
  • Interpret representations.
  • Engage with science.

Learning levels

  • Primary
  • Secondary 


  • Native animals
  • Marine and coastal

Curriculum learning areas

  • Science

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