Teaching outside
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Be part of the global movement, take teaching outside and discover the many benefits of learning in nature.

Inspiration for learning outside in all seasons

Make learning outside a priority for your ākonga. Learning outside is fun, rewarding and beneficial, throughout the year. Nature connection and spending time in nature have significant health and wellbeing benefits for everyone.

Time in nature can:

  • build resilience against stress and adversity
  • improve concentration, learning, creativity and cognitive development
  • increase self-esteem and self-discipline
  • foster a love of the natural world
  • increase cooperation and self-awareness.

There is a world of wonder to discover in nature in all four seasons. If we help our young people to connect to the land and biodiversity, they will value and protect te taiao for generations to come.

Teach outside: From one-off activities to in-depth learning

Easy, one-off conservation activities

Check out our learning in nature activities for engaging one-off learning experiences to introduce your students to nature. They include outdoor art projects, scavenger hunts, being a nature journalist, and getting to know a tree.

Activities are available in both English and Te Reo Māori.

Learning in nature activities

Extending learning: Seasonal slideshows

These seasonal slideshows are packed with inspiration for connecting with nature and learning about native animals throughout the four seasons. They can be used over several lessons and include outdoor connection experiences, curriculum linked learning and inquiry ideas.

Nature connection seasonal slideshows

Summer nature exploring Tūhura taiao o raumati

The summer slideshow encourages students to explore which animals are living around them and to learn about native insects, birds and other animals.

In-depth conservation education units and inquiry-based learning

The 'explore your local nature resource' series is a comprehensive unit of work designed to help students and teachers to explore, learn and connect to the local environment.

Explore your local nature resource

Experience your local nature, learn more about the living things around you such as birds and invertebrates and then act to enhance and restore biodiversity.

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