To obtain access across public conservation land for your business or private property you must have a concession from DOC. This is known as an easement and includes activities such as conveying electricity, telecommunications, water and gas or right of way for vehicles or stock.

Find out what concession you will need and how to apply for one below. 

Pre-application meeting 

Applying for a concession for the first time can be a little tricky. To ensure your application goes smoothly we offer a free pre-application meeting. We’ll also help you contact the local iwi to assess whether your proposed activity will have any cultural effects.  

Apply for your concession

Delays in processing

We currently have a backlog of applications. We're working hard to prioritise older and urgent applications. If you have any concerns contact

Follow the process below:

Fill in:

Email the forms along with the relevant documents requested to

Identify the name and status of the public conservation land you wish to use by checking DOC maps.

We will invoice you once we have processed your application. The processing fee for a standard application is likely to be $2065 plus GST ($2374.75 including GST). If your application is assessed as complex, covers multiple regions, or includes more than 20 individual locations, this fee is likely to be higher. We will send you an estimate of costs once we have received your application.

Your application should be processed within 45 working days of receipt for simple applications (up to 65 working days for complex applications).

Your application may be considered complex if it needs an in depth assessment of the environmental effects. For example applications for multiple sites/activities, unusual activities or sensitive locations. In this case you will be provided with an estimated cost and timeframe after you have submitted your application.

If your application is approved we will send you a contract which you must sign and return before proceeding with your activity.


You will also be required to pay ongoing concession fees.

Minor easements (non-commercial, low impact) 


  • Foot $360 pa
  • Livestock Bridge $360 pa
  • Cycle $360 pa
  • Vehicle $480 pa


  • Storm water/sewer $360 pa
  • Water pipes $360 pa


  • Underground cable $300 pa
  • Fiber optic cable $360 pa

Commercial easements


  • Foot $900 - $1,500 pa
  • Livestock Bridge $900 - $1,500 pa
  • Cycle $900 - $1,500 pa
  • Vehicle $1,200 - $1,800 pa


  • Storm water/sewer $900 - $1,500 pa
  • Water pipes $900 - $1,500 pa


  • Underground cable $600 - $1,500 pa
  • Fiber optic cable – single activity $600 - $1,200 pa
  • Fiber optic cable – part of Network:
    • Base fee $1,500 - $1,800 pa
    • Per meter charge $2.70 pa

Note: fees charged may vary for significant commercial easements.

Environmental Impact Assessment

As part of your application you will need to complete a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Contact us

For more information or assistance with your easement activity concession contact the nearest of these DOC offices.

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