Northland Conservation Management Strategy


September 2014

View the Northland Conservation Management Strategy (CMS) 2014–2024.

It describes the conservation values present in Northland, and provides guidance for DOC’s work in the form of a vision, objectives, outcomes for Places, policies, and milestones; translating DOC's strategic outcomes to Northland.

This CMS will have effect for 10 years, or until formally amended or reviewed in full or in part. The term is 2014 to 2024, but may be extended with ministerial approval.


Volume I includes:

  • Part one: a vision, and objectives
  • Part two: outcomes, policies and milestones for Places
  • Part three: other specific policiesthat address legislative and general policy requirements
  • Part four: implementation monitoring and reporting, and review 
  • the glossary and appendices.

The vision and objectives in Part one, and the policies in Part three, cover all public conservation lands and waters in Northland.

Volume II contains maps and a public conservation land inventory.

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