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Visitor and recreation enquiries

Booking enquiries

Job enquiries

Volunteering enquiries

Concessions and other permits contacts

To report damage and conservation emergencies

Call the DOC emergency hotline 0800 DOCHOT (0800 362 468).

Conservation emergencies include:

  • Conservation-related law enforcement (for example illegal white-baiting, vandalism of huts and tracks, removal of plants from reserves, killing or catching of native wildlife, fishing in marine reserves, disturbing marine mammals)
  • Sick or injured wildlife
  • Marine mammal stranding (whales and dolphins only)
  • Safety Watch (damaged and/or unsafe visitor facilities)

For all Fire and Search and Rescue emergencies, call 111.

Contact a local DOC office

Information for school projects 

Look on this website for information for your project. A broader search on the internet, your school or local library or regional council may also be able to help. Unfortunately we are unable to respond to student requests for information for school projects. 

For more information see frequently asked questions, contact your local DOC office, or email

Official Information Act requests

If you are making a request for official information held by the Department of Conservation, send it to the Department at or write to:

Official Information Act request
Ministerial Services Unit
Department of Conservation
PO Box 10420, The Terrace,
Wellington 6143

All other enquires

Check the frequently asked questions  before making an enquiry.



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