Campervan, Rarangi Beach
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Access, fees, and bookings passes for campervans also known as motorhomes, mobile homes and RVs.

Where you can go

We have over 250 vehicle accessible campsites on public conservation land. Most DOC campsites are accessible for campervans, but some aren’t as they are located at the end of narrow, gravelly, or steep and winding roads. Check the campsite’s webpage for more about road type and getting there.  

Find campsites with campervan access.

Only a few campsites have dump stations for toilet waste. Use facilities provided in nearby towns. Do not put dump station waste into the campsite toilets.

Camp responsibly and follow the Tiaki care code.

Bookings and fees

Bookable campsites

Many DOC campsites require bookings, so you can pay online and secure your place. If a campsite is bookable, you must book before travelling there even if you are using a campsite pass. If you do not book in advance, you may not get a camping site or you may have to pay a booking fee.

Book the campsite from the campsite’s webpage.

Non-bookable campsites

Some DOC campsites do not take bookings. These are first come first served, so you:

  • cannot guarantee a place, and
  • will need to pay in cash at the campsite.

Arrive early and have a back-up plan for what you will do if the campsite is full.

Campsite fees are generally on a per person per night basis. However, minimum stays and fees do apply at some sites at peak times.

Check the campsites webpage as it will state all booking and fee info.

Campsite Pass

A Campsite Pass gives you access to DOC conservation campsites around New Zealand, including bookable and non-bookable campsites. Some exclusions apply.

If using a Campsite Pass as payment:

More about the Campsite Pass.

Freedom camping

Freedom camping is allowed on public conservation land, with some exceptions.

You cannot freedom camp:

  • where there are signs saying that freedom camping is prohibited (not allowed).
  • in DOC reserves, unless you are in a managed campsite or there is a sign saying that freedom camping is permitted.

In some places, freedom camping is restricted by certain requirements. For example, only allowed in certified self-contained vehicles. If this is the case, it will say so on a sign.

Freedom camping more information.

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