How to book and pay for DOC campsites.

Do not book or occupy a campsite if you don’t intend to stay there (for example, when a site is occupied by a vacant tent or vehicle). If you do, a fee of two adults will apply. This fee applies to all DOC campsites.

1. Find a bookable campsite

Bookings are required for:

  • all serviced campsites, and
  • some scenic and standard campsites in peak season. Peak season is usually 1 October to 30 April.

You'll find out if a campsite needs to be booked or not on the campsites webpage.

Some campsites are not bookable

Some campsites do not need to be booked. These campsites operate on a first come, first served basis.

Some campsites are not bookable but may have a fee. Pay your fees at the self-registration stand at the campsite or to the camp warden when present. Put the correct fee in the envelope provided and place the receipt section of the envelope on your vehicle or tent. DOC rangers patrol camping areas and will check that fees have been paid.

2. Book and pay for the campsite

You can book a campsite online from the campsite's webpage. Some campsites may also be bookable through contacting the local visitor centre.

You pay for the campsite when you book. Fees are based on the category of campsite.

Comparison of campsite fees based on campsite type.

Campsite Pass

A Campsite Pass gives you access to DOC conservation campsites around New Zealand, including bookable and non-bookable campsites. Some exclusions apply.

How to purchase and use a Campsite Pass.

3. Use your confirmation email as proof of booking

When you book you'll get a confirmation email. You can use this as proof of your booking.

You could print off this email or present it on a digital device when needed.

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