Top Croesus Hut, Paparoa National Park
Image: Ray Salisbury | ©


You cannot stay overnight at the Croesus Top Hut but you can look inside it. The Croesus Top Hut has been kept as an example of miners' huts around the 1930s.

Croesus Top Hut stands beside the Croesus Track. It's a short distance below Ces Clark Hut. From the hut, there are views of the Grey Valley and the Great Divide.

Hut rules

Croesus Top Hut is kept for historic purposes – you cannot stay at Croesus Top Hut. However, in an emergency, you can use it for shelter.


The hut was likely to have been built during the 1930s depression when gold prospectors worked on the Paparoa Tops, however, there could have been an earlier hut on the site. The hut has corrugated iron cladding and is timber lined. Inside the hut are a table, three sacking bunks, and an open fireplace.

To preserve its historic fabric, you’re not allowed to stay overnight in Croesus Top Hut. This helps prevent damage to the hut.

DOC restored the Top Hut in 1999 as the hut was to the point of near collapse.

Tracks to this hut

Croesus top track.

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