View a daily track description and walking times for the North West Circuit Track, suitable for it, well-equipped and experienced trampers.

Mud is widespread and often deep and thick on the tracks, regardless of the season. Walking times are an indication only and extra time should be allowed in adverse conditions.

Track and weather conditions are constantly subject to change and can be extreme. Trampers should visit Rakiura National Park Visitor Centre before they depart for up to date information.

Caution is required at the north end of Mason Bay beach as access along beach may only be possible at low tide. See more information.

Halfmoon Bay to Port William Hut

Time: 4 hr
Distance: 12 km

Follow the road to Horseshoe Bay, then on to Lee Bay, the official entrance to Rakiura National Park. From here the well defined track follows the coastto Little River and Maori Beach, a former sawmill settlement. There is a Great Walk campsite at Maori Beach. A tidal stream is spanned by a bridge at the north end of the beach, after which the track climbs a low hill, passing the Rakiura Track turn-off to North Arm. Port William Hut is on the prominent headland tothe north.

Port William Hut to Bungaree Hut

Time: 3–4 hr
Distance: 6 km

The track traverses forested hill country before briefly dropping down to the coast. Cross the headland to reach Big Bungaree Beach, which has a hut at the northern end.

Bungaree Hut

Bungaree Hut to Christmas Village Hut

Time: 6 hr
Distance: 11.5 km

Passing inland from Gull Rock Point, the track descends to Murray Beach and crosses Murray River upstream of the northwest end of the beach. It then follows an old tramline before entering virgin forest. The track continues through forest before reaching Christmas Village Hut.

Christmas Village Hut

Side trip: Christmas Village Hut to Mt. Anglem/Hananui

Time: 6 hr return
Distance: 11 km 

The track to Mount Anglem/Hananui, Stewart Island’s highest point, is a short distance along the track to Yankee River. The track is marked and leads through forest, mānuka, leatherwood scrub and subalpine meadow to the 980 m summit. Note: This track can be very muddy.

Christmas Village Hut to Yankee River Hut

Time: 6 hr
Distance: 12 km

From the Mount Anglem Track junction the track passes through low, undulating bush country to Lucky Beach where tall rimu trees are prominent. From the west end of Lucky Beach the track climbs steeply through dense areas of fern. Care is needed to locate the track where it enters heavy forest. The track then follows undulating country to Yankee River where the hut is sited.

Yankee River Hut

Yankee River Hut to Long Harry Hut

Time: 4–5 hr
Distance: 8.5 km

Cross the swing bridge over Yankee River, then the track rises steeply over Black Rock Point before descending to Smoky Beach with its distinctive sand hills. A swing bridge spans Smoky River, inland from the western end of the beach, but unless the river is in flood or it is extreme high tide you can easily wade where the river meets the beach. The track then follows broken and forested terrain, drops down onto the coast and then up to Long Harry Hut.

Long Harry Hut

Long Harry Hut to East Ruggedy Hut

Time: 6 hr
Distance: 9.5 km

From the hut follow the coastal terrace to Cave Point ridge, then along the ridge before descending to the rocky coastline. The coast is followed for 30 minutes before the track re-enters the scrub at a signpost. It then climbs fairly steeply to reach a lookout over East Ruggedy Beach. The track descends through scrub to a river crossing, where the sand can be very soft. From here to East Ruggedy Hut is a further 15 minutes inland, marked by poles through the sand dunes.

East Ruggedy Hut

East Ruggedy Hut to Big Hellfire Hut

Time: 7 hr
Distance: 14 km

The track drops down to West Ruggedy and follows the beach. At extreme high tide you may need to take the high tide detour up and over a steep rocky outcrop halfway down the beach. The track re-enters the bush at the southern end of the beach, then crosses around to the eastern side of the Ruggedy Range. It then descends to Waituna Bay. From here it is a steady climb up to Hellfire Pass Hut.

Big Hellfire Hut

Hellfire Pass Hut to Mason Bay Hut

Time: 7 hr
Distance: 15 km

From Hellfire Pass the track follows the main ridge before descending to Little Hellfire beach. At the south end of the beach is a signpost for Mason Bay. The track travels inland over a bush saddle and finally descends near the north end of Mason Bay. At extreme high tide this section can be impassable – there is a high tide route marked through the sand dunes. 

Caution: Access on to the north end of Mason Bay beach may only be possible at low tide

Recent sand erosion is causing waves to come up to the cliffs at high tide. This means trampers may not be able to get down to the beach safely for the 12 hours of high tide. The beach may also be inaccessible at low tide if there are low pressure systems or storm surges. The north end of Mason Bay beach is 6 hours walk from Big Hellfire Hut, so if trampers can't get down safely to the beach they will have to return to the hut or find shelter until conditions are safe to access the beach. 

About 1 km further along the beach there is a large rock. Previously it was possible to get around this at any time except extreme high tide. This is no longer correct – it's only passable at low tide, at other times trampers should take the high tide route which starts just before it.

From here, follow the beach approximately 4 km to Duck Creek. Flag markers on a pole mark the track turn-off to Mason Bay Hut.

Mason Bay Hut

Mason Bay Hut to Freshwater Hut

Time: 3–4 hr
Distance: 15.5 km

Follow the track to the Island Hill homestead and then overflat tussock and mānuka country to Freshwater River and Freshwater Hut. Note: This track is often flooded during periods of heavy rain.

Freshwater Hut

Side trip: Rocky Mountain Track

Time: 3 hr return
Distance: 5 km 

A climb from behind the Freshwater Hut, through forest and subalpine scrubland to rock outcrops, gives panoramic views over the Freshwater Flats and Paterson inlet.

Freshwater Hut to North Arm Hut

Time: 6–7 hr
Distance: 11 km

This section of track is steep and often slippery. It crosses over Thompson Ridge to the North Arm of Paterson Inlet. North Arm Hut has a Great Walk hut and campsite. Note: During periods of heavy rain, some creeks on this track maybecome impassable.

North Arm Hut to Halfmoon Bay

Time: 5 hr
Distance: 12 km

The track traverses above North Arm to Sawdust Bay. From the former sawmill site the track cuts across a low headland to reach Kidney Fern Arm in Prices Inlet, and continues through forest for another hour before emerging at Kaipipi Bay. From there it follows the former Kaipipi Road to Halfmoon Bay.

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