Rarawa beach at Wharekāpu/Paxton Point Conservation Area
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Wharekāpu/Paxton Point Conservation Area is home to sandy white beaches, popular Rarawa campsite and many recreation opportunities.

Find things to do and places to stay Wharekāpu/Paxton Point Conservation Area

Rarawa Beach is a good example of a natural dune system containing native sand binding pingao and spinifex plants. Each year Rarawa Beach plays host to the Northern New Zealand dotterel and variable oystercatcher during their breeding season. Shorebird breeding season takes place between August and March each year.

During nesting season, if you come across a shore bird nest, do not disturb, and keep away from the area. Let other people around the camp know so more people are aware.

Rarawa beach is a popular fishing spot. There are surf casting opportunities from the beach. 

At high tide enjoy swimming in the lagoon, or go for a dip in the ocean.

Other popular activities include, fishing, kayaking and all types of water activities. 

Due to the exposed beach, breaks may be treacherous so take care in the water.

Check, Clean, Dry

Clean all gear when moving between waterways to prevent the spread of didymo and other freshwater pests.

How to check, clean, dry your gear.

Stop kauri disease and protect kauri

  • Scrub all soil off shoes and gear.
  • Use cleaning stations.
  • Always stay on the track.

How you can help save kauri


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