This is a walk-in campsite on the Heaphy Track. Situated in the fold of Perry Saddle with high hills either side, it has an alpine feel, along with spectacular views.

Campsite overview


  • Foot
  • Mountain bike


  • Alpine


  • Category
Great Walk


  • Bookings

Bookings required


  • Non-powered/tent sites
  • Toilets - non-flush
  • Water from tap - not treated, boil before use
5 non-powered/tent sites

Dog access

No dogs

About this campsite

This is one of nine Great Walk campsites on the Heaphy Track.

There are spectacular views out to the distant tooth-shaped peaks known as Dragons Teeth and Mt Olympus, and glimpses of the red tussock grasslands that the track crosses.

Take a dip in the deep but cold pool in Gorge Creek near the hut. Listen for great spotted kiwi at night.

Facilities and services

  • Number of campers - 10
  • Number of tent sites - 5

All campsites on the Heaphy Track have water from a tap and toilets that are supplied with toilet paper Gouland Downs campsite has a long drop toilet. It also has sinks.

This campsite is beside Perry Saddle Hut. Campers are not permitted to use hut facilities.

Hut rangers move between nearby huts in the summer. As well as checking campsite bookings, they are able to provide information about the track and weather to campers.

Getting there

It's a 5 hr walk from the start of the track at Brown hut and campsite and a 2 hr walk to Gouland Downs hut and campsite.


Grid/NZTM2000 coordinates: E1549710, N5472086
Latitude: -40.90077671, Longitude: 172.40292835


  • Adult (18+ years): $14 per night
  • Child (17 years and under): free but booking still required


Book online or contact Whakatū/Nelson Visitor Centre for more information.


Whakatū / Nelson Visitor Centre
Phone:   +64 3 546 9339
Fax:   +64 4 471 1117
Address:   Millers Acre/Taha o te Awa
79 Trafalgar Street
Nelson 7010
Postal Address:   Private Bag 5
Nelson 7042
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