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Map of Horoirangi Marine Reserve.

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Horoirangi Marine Reserve boundaries

Horoirangi Marine Reserve covers 904 hectares and extends offshore for one nautical mile (1852m) from the mean high water mark between Glenduan and Ataata Point, the southern headland of Cable Bay. The southern boundary extends offshore in a more or less north-westerly direction to Point A (see map). The northern boundary extends from Ataata Point in a generally north-easterly direction to Point C (312m from shore) and thence in a more or less north-westerly direction to Point B at the outer corner of the reserve. (This is not a legal description of the marine reserve.)

GPS points (WGS 84)

  1. 41 10.297 S, 173 20.928 E
  2. 41 08.492 S, 173 23.497 E
  3. 41 09.179 S, 173 24.293 E
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