These tracks provide access to Mt Richmond (1760 m) and can be combined for weekend round trip.

Track overview

28.5 km full circuit

Walking and tramping

2 days Expert: Route

Seasonal restrictions

Forestry operations in the area can close roads into Mount Richmond Forest Park. Check the status of roads into Mount Richmond Forest Park.

Dog access

Dogs with a DOC permit only. Contact the relevant DOC office to obtain a permit.

About this track


Combine these tracks to make a good weekend round trip via Mt Richmond Saddle Hut. Note, the road ends at Timms Creek and Jacksons Road are 17 km apart.

Timms Creek Route

Te Rou Road to Mt Fell Hut

Time: 6–7 hr
Distance: 12.8 km

From the Timms Creek car park on Te Rou Road, a walking track goes up the true right of the creek for one hour to a flat area ideal for picnicking or swimming.

From here a marked route leads up to Mt Fell Hut.

Mt Fell Hut to Richmond Saddle Hut

Time: 3–4 hr
Distance: 5.2 km

From Mt Fell Hut a poled route traverses tussock tops and rock along the Richmond Range.

Walk 10 minutes up towards the ridge. Follow the poles along the ridge to a sidle under Johnstons Peak and through Devils Armchair to Mt Richmond (1760 m). There are guaranteed amazing views on a fine day. Parts of the climb to Mt Richmond will be rocky and steep as with the descent of 560 m from the summit to Richmond Saddle Hut.

Richmond Saddle Route

Top Valley Road to Richmond Saddle Hut

Time: 6 hr
Distance: 10.5 km

Just before Jubilee Flat on Top Valley Road is Jackson Creek Road. Jackson Creek Road crosses Top Valley Stream and climbs for 2 hours (4 km) to a prominent ridge. A marked route leads up this ridge to Richmond Saddle Hut, one hour below the summit of Mt Richmond.

It's possible to climb to Mt Richmond (1760 m) in a day but a good level of fitness is essential.

Getting there

Te Rou Road: 5 km north of Renwick, just over the Wairau River bridge, turn off SH6 onto Northbank Road. Follow this for 31 km then turn into Te Rou Road. Timms Creek car park is at the end of the road.

Top Valley Road: 5 km north of Renwick, just over the Wairau River bridge, turn off SH6 onto Northbank Road. Follow this for 33 km then turn into Top Valley Road. Follow Top Valley Road for 7 km to Jubilee Flat. 4WD vehicles can ford Top Valley Stream here and drive the 4 km up Jackson Creek Road.

Know before you go

Safety: Bad weather can occur at any time, so be prepared with warm and waterproof clothing and extra food. Snow, wind and fog are hazards of the open tops. Make sure you have enough experience for your trip. Always fill in hut books and ensure someone knows your intentions.

Flooding: In normal flows unbridged streams and rivers can be crossed, however in flood they can become impassable and you will need to be prepared to wait until flood waters recede.

Wasps are a known hazard and are particularly common from December until April. Carry antihistamine if you are allergic to their stings.

Drinking water: Water should be carried in dry conditions – there is a river/creek at the bottom but this water becomes scarce further up, especially in summer. The purity of drinking water in Mount Richmond Forest Park can't be guaranteed – if you doubt the quality of any water source you should boil, filter or chemically treat it.


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