Old Man Hut

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This is a standard 5-bunk hut in the South Marlborough area.

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  • Heating
  • Mattresses
  • Toilets - non-flush
  • Water from tap - not treated, boil before use
5 bunk beds

About this hut

Old Man Hut (1140 m) sits in a large grassy clearing between Old Man Peak and Mt Rintoul. It was built in 1966 by the New Zealand Forest Service, one of many SF70 huts built in this era, and upgraded in 1997.

The tops of Old Man offer great views over Nelson and Motueka, and is one of the many island-like mountains within Mt Richmond Forest Park.

Getting there

Slaty Hut: 5 hr

Lake Chalice Hut to Old Man Hut

Lake Chalice Hut via Old Man: 7 hr (10 km)

From Lake Chalice Hut follow the eastern side of the lake for 15 minutes to the Old Man Track junction. Climb to point 1522 m, down a spur to a saddle, then continue up the other side to Old Man (1514 m). Continue west along the Richmond Range before descending to the hut.

Mid Goulter Hut to Old Man Hut

Mid Goulter Hut: 4 hr (10 km)

From Mid Goulter Hut, follow the route for about 1 hour to a junction. Cross the main Goutler River and continue up the steep, true left side of the tributary for about 1 hour 30 minutes before crossing it. Continue climbing to a flat clearing, on the edge of which lies Old Man Hut.

Mt Rintoul Hut to Old Man Hut

Mt Rintoul Hut: 5 hr (4.5 km)

A short bush track leads to scree slopes heading to Mt Rintoul (1731m). It is rocky and exposed involving some scrambling – take particular care and be prepared to wait out adverse weather. It is possible to climb along the very sharp and rugged ridge, or to sidle on the southern side below the ridge. The track then carries on past a saddle onto Little Rintoul (1643 m). Old Man Hut is signposted off the main ridge.


NZTopo50 map sheet: BR26
Grid/NZTM2000 coordinates: E1622604, N5402906


  • Adult (18+ years): $5 per night
  • Youth (11 – 17 years): $2.50 per night
  • Child/Infant (0 – 10 years): free

Before you go, buy 1 Standard Hut Ticket (blue for adults, yellow for youth) for each night's stay. Put this in the honesty box at the hut. Or buy a Backcountry Hut Pass that gives unlimited use at most Standard and Serviced huts for a 6 or 12-month period.

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