Sailing off the coast of Long Island – Kokomohua
Image: Danica Stent | DOC



Tucked away in the Marlborough Sounds, Long Island - Kokomohua Marine Reserve is a great getaway for the whole family. Relax on a sandy beach, explore rocky reefs and admire the distinctive landscapes of the Marlborough Sounds.

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You may see a shag patiently drying its wings in the sun, or an oystercatcher wrestling with an unfortunate mussel. Black-backed gull and Caspian terns are also in abundance here.

Bring your mask and snorkel to explore the rocks close to shore. The best scuba diving is at 15 m depth, on the reefs along the north-facing shore of Long Island and around Kokomohua Islands.

If you have a kayak with you, take a trip around the islands. You may see dolphins (common, bottlenose, dusky and the rare Hector's). Seals visit too, particularly during winter.

Protect our marine reserves
  • No fishing of any kind.
  • Don't take or kill marine life.
  • Don't remove or disturb any marine life or materials.
  • Don't feed fish - it disturbs their natural behaviour.
  • Take care when anchoring to avoid damaging the sea floor.


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