View a map and find out about the boundaries of Te Angiangi Marine Reserve.

Map of Te Angiangi Marine Reserve showing its boundaries. A. B. C.

Te Angiangi Marine Reserve boundaries

The northern and southern boundaries of the reserve are marked by pairs of large orange triangular beacons. These are located at the mouth of the Ouepoto Stream, on the end of the ridge immediately south of the Shoal Bay houses and 100 metres south of the end of Long Range Road at Blackhead.

The seaward boundary is one nautical mile (1.853 km) from mean high water. Boat owners without radar or GPS can also use depth to help them estimate whether they are inside or outside the marine reserve. At the northern and southern ends of the reserve water depth generally does not exceed 24 metres but the maximum depth at the seaward boundary is over 36 metres.

GPS points (WGS 84)

  1. 40 08.763 S, 176 51.539 E
  2. 40 08.780 S, 176 52.029 E
  3. 40 10.172 S, 176 50.895 E
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