Cave Stream Scenic Reserve
Image: Michael Dawes | Creative Commons



Cave Stream Scenic Reserve is one of the most outstanding natural features in the Canterbury region. Enjoy a family-friendly walking track with lookouts over cave entrances and limestone landscapes.

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Cave Stream Loop Walk is the recommended way to experience this place

It provides good views of where the stream flows in and out of the hill, as well as of other limestone landscape features. The walk is suitable for families and people of all fitness levels. Following the track and staying behind the barriers will keep you away from danger points.

If you are considering leaving the walking track and entering the cave, be aware that it is a much more risky and challenging experience. People have died in the Cave Stream cave, and drowning and hypothermia are real risks. Recent flooding has made the trip more difficult than it used to be. You will need good weather and river conditions, as well as the right gear and skills. Read the DOC website page on the caving trip.


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