Trampers, Canyon Creek, Ahuriri Conservation Park
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You can explore the mountains, rivers, tussocklands, forests and valuable wetlands of the park by foot, mountain bike and on horseback.

Report illegal vehicle activity within this conservation park to 0800 4258 8427.

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Most peaks bordering the Ahuriri Valley offer interesting climbs.

Mt Stafford, Peterson and Maitland are all a straightforward scramble in summer.

A more serious objective is Mt Barth which is reached via Canyon Creek. Mts Heim and Rigel can also be climbed from around Canyon Creek.

The highest mountain, Mt Huxley (2505 m) offers several moderate and technical routes for the experienced mountaineer. 

The Ahuriri River is internationally renowned for fishing. Rainbow and brown trout are both present in the river. The bag limit is two fish.

The season for the upper Ahuriri River runs from the first Saturday in December until the 30 April. 

From the upper Ahuriri to Longslip Station, the river is fly and spin fishing only. Ben Avon Wetlands is fly fishing only.



There are several places you can take your 4WD vehicle on public conservation land around Twizel township. In Ahuriri Conservation Park, 4WD access ends at the road-end car park.

Four wheel driving in Mackenzie/Waitaki brochure (PDF, 1005K)

Ahuriri River valley

SH8 to road end

Distance: 34km

Ahuriri Base Hut.
Ahuriri Base Hut

The upper Ahuriri Valley is all public conservation land. In dry conditions, there is two wheel drive vehicle access available up to the Ahuriri Conservation Park boundary. However, a four-wheel drive vehicle is necessary to drive from the boundary to a car park at the road end. DOC is maintaining the four-wheel drive access and will close this road to vehicle use if conditions could create road-base damage. This could occur under very wet conditions or during freeze/thaw cycles in late winter and early spring.

The four-wheel-drive road passes Ahuriri Base Hut (standard, six bunks.)

Camping and toilet facilities are located at the road-end. Beyond this point, there is foot, mountain bike and horse access. There are more camping opportunities in Canyon Creek and the upper valley as well as three more huts to visit.

It is fairly easy to circumnavigate the Upper Ahuriri valley on horseback, a great way to enjoy the spectacular mountain views.

To ensure weeds are not spread within this sensitive environment, please:

  • Over-night your horses on local grass (not lucerne or meadow hay) before entering the park;
  • Check their hooves for foreign matter before entering the park;
  • Do not bring hay or feed grain into the park.


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