View a map and get the boundary GPS points for Te Matuku Marine Reserve.

The boundaries of the Te Matuku Marine Reserve are marked with yellow, land-based triangular markers and floating yellow buoys. Boundaries are also marked on all recent maritime charts and GPS. Make sure you are aware of the boundaries of this marine reser if planning to fish outside it.

Map of marine reserve boundaries.
Map of Te Matuku Marine Reserve showing its boundaries

Boundary marker on land.
A land-based boundary marker

A B. C. D. Waiheke Island. Omaru Bay. Awaawaroa Bay. Te Matuku Bay. Passage Rock. Kauri Point. Pearl Bay. Waiheke Channel. Marine Farm. Whites Bay. Sandy Bay. Orapiu Bay. Ponui Island. Otakawhe Bay.

Marine reserve boundary GPS points (WGS 84)
  1. 36° 50' 48.91" S, 175° 06' 44.29" E
  2. 36° 51' 43.34" S, 175° 07' 23.54" E
  3. 36° 51' 43.01" S, 175° 09' 09.47" E
  4. 36° 50' 54.46" S, 175° 08' 37.86" E
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