Packing away a banana skin

Image: DOC


Remember to leave nature how you found it – keeping our country litter free is what we do. Always be prepared to carry your litter. There are no bins in the bush.

Leave natural places as you found them to pass the gift of discovery on to those who follow.

We all have a role to play in keeping New Zealand's natural environment free of litter. Litter harms our environment, our soil, our waterways and wildlife. Because of this it's important you minimise your impact.

Always take your litter with you or use the rubbish bins provided – it's a sign of respect for our nature. And if you see litter, the right thing to do is to pick it up, even if it's not yours.

That’s how we #visittheKiwiway.

Pack in, pack out – what next?

When you plan to head out into nature, be ready to carry your litter with you. You’re likely travelling through some of New Zealand’s remote areas, so it might be a while before you can visit a refuse station.

Take note of nearby refuse/landfill sites on Google Maps before you set out. This way you have a planned stop to correctly dispose of your rubbish.

Even food scraps are litter

Picking up after ourselves is what we do. This includes seemingly harmless items like orange peel and apple cores that can take years to break down. Not only are they unsightly and a risk to our native wildlife, they also attract predators like rats, stoats and mice.

Protect our wildlife by packing away all litter including food scraps.

Reduce your waste before you leave

Even before you leave for your outdoor adventure you can minimise the amount of waste you produce.

Prepare your food and pack it into reusable containers. You’ll be helping the environment in the short and long term.

Leave small, airtight bins in your vehicle. They’re perfect for food scraps because they’re odourless, reusable and take up little room.

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