Find out where you can and can't take your dog on public conservation land in the Fiordland region

Almost all of Fiordland National Park is a Closed area (closed to all dogs).

There are some areas within the Fiordland (DOC) district boundries that are Controlled access areas (open to dogs, permit needed) and Open access areas (open to dogs, no permit needed).

See a map of Fiordland dog access zones (JPG, 188K)

Closed areas (closed to all dogs)

National parks and areas holding ground-dwelling birds are closed to general access with dogs. No dogs allowed for any recreational use at all.

Only dogs specially permitted for DOC management activities may be taken into this zone. Registered search and rescue and seeing-eye guide dogs have legal access.

*Controlled access is allowed within the national park boundary in the Waitutu area, Supply Bay area (near Manapouri), and some small areas on the eastern side of Lake Te Anau between the Ewe Burn and Camp Bay.

Controlled access areas (open to dogs, permit needed)

A dog permit for Controlled access areas is required to take dogs into these areas and can be optained from the Fiordland National Park Visitor Centre or the Murihiku District Office.

Open access areas (open to dogs, no permit needed)

Dogs are allowed in Open access areas but must be under control and not left to roam. All dogs must be tethered on a leash in any camping areas and at hut sites. Consider other users of the area and do not disturb feeding or nesting birds in riverbed or wetland habitats.

For more information see: Dog walking in Fiordland

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