Different areas have different rules on if you can take your dog there or not. Some areas allow dogs, others require a permit, and some do not allow dogs at all.

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Dog access

Dog access rules are found on the track, campsite or hunting blocks' overview.

If you're unsure about dog access in a particular area, check with the nearest DOC office or visitor centre before you set out.

If you find a dog where dogs are not allowed

Dogs pose a risk to public safety and can have devastating effects on our native wildlife. Call Animal Control or DOC:

  • Animal Control: +64 7 348 4199
  • 0800 DOC HOT (0800 362 468)

City and regional councils dog access

Dogs are allowed in many parks managed by city and regional councils. Check the local government website or contact them.

Dog access by region

Some regions have full lists of their areas and the dog access rules. Contact the local DOC office or search for an area on our website.

Regions with dog access lists:

Types of access and dog permits

There are 3 different types of dog access on public conservation land.

Rules for dogs are displayed on signage as well as on our website.

Check the exact dog access rules by checking the webpage for the area you want to go to. Search for:

Huts will have the same dog access rules as the area they're in normally.

You can also contact the nearest visitor centre.

Open dog areas – no permit required

In these areas dogs are allowed either off-leash or on-leash depending on the site. DOC may put limit dog access during vulnerable conservation periods such as bird nesting seasons.

Controlled dog areas – entry by dog permit

In these areas dog access is controlled by permit. For most dog's you'll need a permit from the closest DOC visitor centre or office. These can take up to 5 days to process. There are different rules for disability assist dogs:

What to bring and processing time

Bring up to date council dog registration information when applying for a permit.

Dog permits take up to 5 days to process.

Controlled dog areas – no access

  • Dogs are not allowed in national parks, nature reserves or wildlife sanctuaries except with express written approval.  
  • If you're on a boat with your dog, you cannot take your dog ashore to a controlled dog area, national park or nature reserve, to let it relieve itself. This includes the foreshore of any such island or land. The foreshore includes the entire beach area down to the low tide level.
  • Unless specified, dogs and other pets are not allowed in DOC campgrounds.
  • Dogs are not allowed inside any DOC hut or lodge. In some cases, there may be a kennel beside the hut. If this is not the case, find somewhere suitable outside the hut to tie your dog.

Hunting dog permits

Hunting areas also have types of areas where dogs are allowed or not.

Hunting dog permit information.

If you ignore the conditions, rules or regulations

You may be issued an infringement fine or prosecuted if you take your dogs into no access areas, controlled areas without a permit, or breach the conditions of your permit.

A dog may be seized and impounded or destroyed if it's found in a national park or controlled dog area without a permit.

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