Find out about changes in conservation areas that might affect your safety and enjoyment.
COVID-19: Stay at home

New Zealand is on COVID-19 Alert Level 4 state of emergency.

Everyone must stay at home. Recreation in the great outdoors needs to be put on hold.

  • All huts, campsites and lodges (including those on Great Walks) are closed.
  • All huts and campsite bookings are cancelled.
  • You can't self-isolate at a DOC hut, lodge or campsite.
  • Tracks and national parks are out of bounds.
  • Do not go into the backcountry for tramping, hunting or other outdoor activities.

DOC's priority is to support New Zealand in stopping the spread of COVID-19 and saving lives. We must stay home to break the chain of community transmission of this deadly virus.

Check individual recreation pages for more alerts.

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