There are several ways you can donate to Takahē Recovery and no amount is too small.

Takahe Recovery logo.

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Donations are administered by the New Zealand Nature Fund. All donations go directly towards takahē recovery.

How can your donation help us?
  • $25 buys a month's pellets for a breeding pair
  • $50 buys a transponder and leg bands for a takahē
  • $100 buys basic disease screening for one takahē
  • $200 buys a trail camera to monitor nesting takahē
  • $250 buys a radio tracking aerial
  • $350 buys a smart transmitter for a takahē
  • $1,000 buys a year's maintenance of 1 km of predator proof fencing at Burwood Takahē Centre
  • $1,600  buys a radio-telemetry receiver

Donate online

Donate through the New Zealand Nature Fund website.

Make a direct credit

Account name: New Zealand Nature Fund
Account number: 02 0536 0447919 00

Include 'Takahe Recovery' in the reference details. For a donation receipt, contact

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