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The Toyota Kiwi Guardians (TKG) programme has ended.

TKG ran from 2016 to July 2023

After seven years and over 136,000 adventures, DOC, in consultation with Toyota, made the difficult decision to end the TKG programme from 1 August 2023.

Since 2016, tens of thousands of young conservationists across Aotearoa have participated in the TKG programme, often joined by the whole family. We estimate over 400,000 people have been inspired to interact with nature as a result of the programme. This is something we are proud of.

For more information: Toyota Kiwi Guardians programme draws to an end: Media release 30 June 2023

Thank you to everyone who brought TKG to life

We would like to thank all who have participated in the TKG programme over the years. A special thank you to our passionate kiwi guardians, for getting into nature and learning how to take care of our environment, showing true kaitiakitanga/guardianship.

Family-friendly activities and tramps

We encourage kiwi guardians to continue exploring, connecting with and caring for nature.

Have a look at cool ideas for conservation activities you can do with children, and over 150 family-friendly walks and tramps, listed by region. 

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