Our heritage helps us gain an understanding of New Zealand’s past and how this shapes and defines our Kiwi identity.

Contributes to kiwi identity

Our cultural identity is made up of things that are distinctively Kiwi. We identify with Maori culture, art and words.

We are proud of our sporting successes, the All Black haka, the kiwi do-it-yourself attitude and adventurers like Edmund Hillary.We like to remember our war heroes and attend ANZAC day celebrations.

Personally rewarding

Our lives are enriched by the things we enjoy doing, or seeing, or being involved with. We may search out our whakapapa or family history, visit places where our forebears lived and worked, volunteer for conservation projects or practice traditional skills.

Major attraction for tourists and visitors

People want to visit the best of New Zealand’s distinctive heritage sites and DOC manages many of the more popular heritage attractions. 

Provides regional opportunities

Conservation of places, stories and culture brings people together from across the community through shared experiences in visiting, enjoying and conserving their heritage.

Opportunities provided by conserving heritage flow into regional employment and also provide income to local businesses associated with tourism.

Leaves our children something to appreciate

By looking after our places, stories and culture we can leave our children and grandchildren something to inherit, appreciate and value.

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