There were 10 reported incidents during 1 August 2016 - 31 July 2017
IDDate observedDate reportedSexAge classLocationPopn1 or speciesObs typeNecrocopsy statusPossible cause of deathPathology report
1921 17/10/16 17/10/16 Female Neonate Southside Beach, Hokitika, West Coast Hector's dolphin Beachcast Complete Infectious disease

17/10/16 (PDF, 46K)

1922 27/11/16 29/11/16 Female Adult Okuru River, Haast, West Coast Hector's dolphin Beachcast Complete Inteterminable: Too decomposed 27/11/16 (PDF, 45K)
1923 15/12/16 15/12/16 Female Adult Harnetts Creek, Kaikoura Hector's dolphin Beachcast Complete Disease: Tuberculosis 15/12/16 (PDF, 68K)
1924 15/01/17 16/01/17 Unknown Adult Dorie Beach, Ashburton Hector's dolphin Beachcast NA: body not recovered NA NA
1925 27/11/16 29/11/16 Unknown Unknown Offshore Timaru Hector's dolphin Entanglement NA: body not recovered Known bycatch in commercial trawl net NA
3403 11/02/17 11/02/17 Unknown Adult Blaketown, Greymouth Hector's dolphin Beachcast Complete Possible bycatch 11/02/17 (PDF, 70K)
3412 10/02/17 Unknown Male Juvenile Taylor's Mistake, Canterbury Hector's dolphin Beachcast Complete

1. Maternal separation

2. Pneumonia

10/02/17 (PDF, 66K)


08/02/17 08/02/17 Male Adult Offshore Timaru Hector's dolphin Entanglement Complete Known bycatch in a commercial set net 08/02/2017 (PDF, 97K)
3427  10/07/17 10/07/17  Unknown   Adult Milford Lagoon, Canterbury  Hector's dolphin  Beachcast  NA: too decomposed    NA
3428 18/06/17 18/06/17 Unknown Calf Colac Bay, Southland Hector's dolphin Beachcast NA: skull only   NA

1) Population key:

  • WCSI - West Coast South Island
  • ECSI - East Coast South Island
  • SCSI - South Coast South Island
  • WCNI - West Coast North Island

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1622 15/01/2015 15/01/2015 Unknown Calf Mussel Beach, Port Craig, Te Waewae Bay No DNA sample Stranding Live animal NA  NA
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