There were 6 reported incidents during 1 August 2015 - 31 July 2016
IDDate event observedDate event reportedSexAge classLocationPopn 1Observation typeNecrocopsy statusPossible cause of deathPathology report
1677 11/09/15 11/09/15 Female Adult Beach Road, south of Oamaru Pending Beachcast Complete Disseminated toxoplasmosis

11/09/15 (PDF, 96K)

1679 24/09/15 24/09/15 Female Adult Coopers Lagoon beach, end McEvedys Road, Canterbury Pending Beachcast None Too decomposed NA
1678 03/10/15 03/10/15 Female Adult Coopers Lagoon beach No DNA sample Beachcast Complete No obvious cause of death; possible kidney disease 03/10/15 (PDF, 96K)
1680 12/10/15 12/10/15 Unknown Unknown Awatuna Beach, Hokitika, West Coast Pending Beachcast None - skeleton and tail only NA NA
1720 15/12/15 15/12/15 Unknown Juvenile Otamahana Estuary, Karamea No DNA sample Live stranded - died None Unknown NA
1745 22/02/16 22/02/16 Unknown Unknown Kaitorete Spit, Canterbury No DNA sample Beachcast None Too decomposed NA

1) Population key:

  • WCSI - West Coast South Island
  • ECSI - East Coast South Island
  • SCSI - South Coast South Island
  • WCNI - West Coast North Island

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1622 15/01/15 15/01/15 Unknown Calf Mussel Beach, Port Craig, Te Waewae Bay No DNA sample Stranding Live animal NA  NA
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