There were 18 incidents from 1 August 2012 to 31 July 2013. Pathology reports are available.

Hector's and Māui incidents 1 August 2012 - 31 July 2013

Occurence IDDate event observedSexAge classLocationPopn1Observation typeNecropsy statusPossible cause of death Pathology report
1450 06/08/2012 Unknown Unknown 3 km south of the Rangitata River Mouth
ECSI Beachcast None Unknown NA
1451 24/08/2012 Female Adult Between Taupata and Billy King Creek WCSI Beachcast Complete A combination of things with this one, and no indication that she was bycaught 24/08/12 (PDF, 73K) 
1452 19/09/2012 Male Adult Between Karamea and Little Wanganui WCSI Beachcast Complete Unable to diagnose definitive cause of death 19/09/12 (PDF, 32K) 
1466 26/10/2012 Unknown Unknown Approx. 10 km offshore, 30 km South of Timaru. ECSI Entanglement None Known bycatch in commercial set net - released alive. NA
1453 12/11/2012 Unknown Unknown Seaford, Golden Bay WCSI   Complete Too decomposed for diagnosis.  12/11/12 (PDF, 94K) 
1454 04/12/2012 Female Subadult Approx. 15 km offshore and 50 km North-East of Timaru. ECSI Entanglement Complete Known bycatch in commercial set net. 03/12/12 (PDF, 65K)
1454 04/12/2012 Unknown Unknown Approx. 15 km offshore and 50 km North-East of Timaru. ECSI Entanglement None Entanglement as observed during electronic monitoring trial (fell from net before breaking the surface) NA
1455 14/12/2012 Male Neonate Waimairi Beach. North of Christchurch ECSI Beachcast Complete Poor body condition and empty gastrointestinal tract. Most likely cause of death is maternal separation. 14/12/12 (PDF, 118K) 
1456 16/12/2012 Female Adult Mapoutahi, Otago, Doctors point near Blueskin bay ECSI Beachcast Complete Unable to determine a definitive diagnosis for the cause of death of this dolphin. 16/12/12 adult (PDF, 93K) 
1457 16/12/2012 Female Calf Warrington mid beach, near first blow out, Otago
ECSI Beachcast Complete This calf may have been several weeks old. Most likely cause of death is maternal separation.
16/12/12 calf (PDF, 90K) 
1458 17/12/2012 Male Neonate At sea. Collected and taken to Akaroa field office ECSI Found floating dead by tourist operator Complete Decomposition of this calf made it difficult to assess fully, but the most likely cause of death is maternal separation.  17/12/12 (PDF, 90K) 
1459 18/12/2012 Female Adult Warrington beach, north end, Otago ECSI Beachcast Complete No obvious cause of death 18/12/12 (PDF, 51K) 
1460 20/12/2012 Unknown Unknown Squally Cove , Croiselles Harbour, Symond Bay, Marlborough WCSI Floating dead on water. Complete Too decomposed.  20/12/12 (PDF, 78K) 
1461 07/02/2013 Female Adult Taramakau River mouth. WCSI Beachcast Complete Likely a combination of pneumonia, kidney disease and large ovarian masses.  07/02/13 (PDF, 68K)
1462 26/02/2013 Unknown Unknown Approx 1.2 km west of Stafford River, West Coast WCSI Beachcast None NA  NA 
1463 28/02/2013 Female Calf South Brighton Beach, Pegasus Bay, Canterbury ECSI Beachcast Complete Starvation subsequent to maternal separation. 28/02/13 (PDF, 67K)
1464 08/03/2013 Male Adult Freshwater Basin - Milford soun WCSI Beachcast Complete 1. Dilated ureter
2. Moderate parasitism
3. Open cause of death
08/03/13 (PDF, 65K)
1465 04/04/2013 Unknown Adult Takaui Beach, Hokitika WCSI Beachcast None NA  NA
1467 30/05/2013 Male Adult South Bay, Timaru Awaiting DNA results  Beachcast Complete

1. Severe renal disease

2. Moderate to severe parasitism

30/05/13(PDF, 64K)

1) Population key:

  • WCSI - West Coast South Island
  • ECSI - East Coast South Island
  • SCSI - South Coast South Island
  • WCNI - West Coast North Island
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