There were 13 reported incidents from 1 August 2010 to 31 July 2011.

Hector's and Māui incidents 1 August 2010 - 31 July 2011

Occurence ID Date Sex Age class Location Popn1 Observation type Necropsy status Possible cause of death Pathology report
1422 16/08/2010 Male Juvenile 3 km north of Kekerengu WCSI Beachcast Complete Starvation/mild trauma 16/08/10 (PDF, 32K) 
1424 27/09/2010 Female Adult 1 km south of Ruatapa, near Hokitika WCSI Beachcast Complete Unknown 27/09/10 (PDF, 31K) 
1423 04/10/2010 Female Adult Ashworth's Beach, north of Christchurch ECSI Beachcast Complete Toxoplasmosis 04/10/10 (PDF, 35K) 
1425 13/10/2010 Female Juvenile Serpentine Creek Mouth, 20k m north of Hokitika WCSI Beachcast Complete Unknown 13/10/10 (PDF, 239K) 
1426 01/11/2010 Unknown Unknown Cobden Beach, Greymouth WCSI Beachcast None Unknown - skull only NA
1427 20/11/2010 Male Subadult Raglan WCNI Floating at sea Complete Toxoplasmosis 20/11/10 (PDF, 38K) 
1428 08/12/2010 Male Neonate Waikuku Beach, Canterbury ECSI Beachcast Complete Possible maternal separation 08/12/10 (PDF, 36K) 
1430 23/01/2011 Unknown Juvenile Magnet Bay, Banks Peninsula ECSI Beachcast Complete Open - too decomposed for diagnosis 23/01/11 (PDF, 16K) 
1429 24/01/2011 Female Neonate Kaka Point, Otago ECSI Beachcast Complete Probable maternal separation 24/01/11 (PDF, 38K) 
1432 09/03/2011 Unknown Unknown Governors Bay, Lyttelton Harbour, Canterbury ECSI Beachcast None Too decomposed NA
1432 09/03/2011 Female Adult Governors Bay, Lyttelton Harbour, Canterbury ECSI Beachcast Complete Open pending further results 09/03/11 (PDF, 56K) 
1433 17/04/2011 Male Neonate Sandy Beach, Governors Bay, Lyttelton Harbour, Canterbury ECSI Beachcast Complete Starvation due to maternal separation 13/05/11 (PDF, 57K) 
1434 13/05/2011 Unknown Unknown Greymouth Beach, Greymouth, West Coast WCSI Beachcast None Unknown – skeletal remains only NA

1) Population key:

  • WCSI - West Coast South Island
  • ECSI - East Coast South Island
  • SCSI - South Coast South Island
  • WCNI - West Coast North Island
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