13 incidents were reported during 1 August 2009 - 31 July 2010. View details and pathology reports where available.

Hector's and Māui incidents 1 August 2009 - 31 July 2010

Occurence ID Date Sex Age class Location Popn1 Observation type Necropsy status Possible cause of death Pathology report
 1408  03/08/2009  Unknown  Unknown  1 km East of Waikoau River, Te Waewae Bay  SCSI  Beachcast  Complete  Unknown 03/08/09 (PDF, 31) 
 1407  30/08/2009  Male  Subadult  Taylors Mistake, Christchurch  ECSI  Beachcast  Complete  Unknown 30/08/09 (PDF, 62K)
 1409  04/09/2009  Unknown  Unknown  Quail Island, Lyttleton  ECSI  Beachcast  Complete  Unknown 04/09/09 (PDF, 41K) 
 1411 22/10/2009 Unknown Unknown 100 m north from the Tentburn Salmon farm culvert ECSI Beachcast Complete Unknown 22/10/09 (PDF, 24K)
 1412 30/10/2009 Female Adult Rakaia River Mouth - 5 km north beside sea/lagoon barrier ECSI Beachcast Complete Toxoplasmosis 30/10/09 (PDF, 84K)
 1413 1/11/2009 Male Subadult South of Kaikoura ECSI Entangled Complete Known entanglement in commercial set net; net marks 01/11/09 (PDF, 72K)
 1414 6/11/2009 Male Adult Croiselle's Harbour ECSI Beachcast Complete Unknown 06/11/09 (PDF, 78K)
 1415 25/11/2009 TBC TBC Hokitika WCSI Beachcast None Skeletal remains NA
 1416 15/12/2009 Female Neonate Purakaunui Inlet, Dunedin ECSI Beachcast Complete Possible maternal separation 15/12/09 (PDF, 80K)
 1417 24/12/2009 Unknown Subadult? Bold Head Beach, south of Ross WCSI Beachcast None Very decomposed NA
 1418 25/01/2010 TBC TBC Pahia Point, Southland SCSI Beachcast Complete Undetermined,
25/01/10 (PDF, 25K)
 1419 26/01/2010 TBC TBC North of Timaru ECSI Entangled Complete Known entanglement in commercial set net; net marks 26/01/10 (PDF, 25K)
 1421 28/02/2010 Female Unknown Greymouth Beach, off Miro St WCSI Beachcast Complete Net marks, unknown net 28/02/10 (PDF, 75K)
4415 02/04/2010 Unknown Adult Offshore Okarito, West Coast WCSI Entangled - caught in gear dead None Known bycatch in a commercial set net NA

1) Population key:

  • WCSI - West Coast South Island
  • ECSI - East Coast South Island
  • SCSI - South Coast South Island
  • WCNI - West Coast North Island
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