Rock wren/tuke

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  • Volunteers at the heart of protecting Devonport Peninsula
    19 June 2018
    Volunteers are at the heart of the community effort to protect native birds on the Devenport peninsula. National Volunteer Advisor Chris Charles tells us about the great work volunteers in the community are undertaking to keep native birds safe from predators.
  • Bird counting in the Landsborough valley
    27 May 2018
    For 20 years our ‘bird counters’ have been flying into the remote Landsborough valley in South Westland to monitor the effects of sustained predator control on bird life. This work has contributed to a long-term picture of the health of the bird community in Landsborough Valley that includes more than a dozen native species.
  • Why the survival of NZ’s wildlife is in our hands
    21 February 2018
    The idea that our threatened species can safely 'co-exist' with the onslaught of introduced predators is irresponsible and untrue, writes Threatened Species Ambassador Nicola Toki.
  • Six reasons not to start backyard trapping
    03 January 2018
    Predator Free ranger Kat Lane spent time at the NZ Flower and Garden Show chatting with visitors about backyard trapping. Only 9% were trapping pests in their backyard. Here's some reasons they weren't.
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