The smallest and once the commonest kiwi is vulnerable to stoats at all stages of its life.

New Zealand status: Endemic
Conservation status:
Nationally Increasing
Population: 1,900
Found in:
Kapiti Island and 10 other pest free sites
Threats: Predation
Species information: Little spotted kiwi on NZ Birds Online

The little spotted kiwi (Apteryx owenii) is the only species to become extinct on the mainland. The population strong-hold of 1,200 birds is on Kapiti Island, to where five birds were translocated in the early 20th century. Through more recent successful translocations, little spotted kiwi are also now found on seven other predator free offshore islands and in three mainland sanctuaries.

Adventurous and raring to go, little spotted kiwi chicks leave home to feed themselves when just 5-7 days old. However, the male parent does stay near the young chick and both return to the nest burrow to sleep for up to 60 days after hatching.

Little spotted kiwi, Otorohonga Wildlife Trust. Photo copyright: Tui De Roy / Roving Tortoise Photos DOC USE ONLY.
Little spotted kiwi, Otorohonga Wildlife Trust

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