Ahukawakawa Swamp
Image: Catherine Knight | ©


Find out more about wetlands in the Taranaki region.

Ahukawakawa Swamp.
Ahukawakawa Swamp 
Image: Jack Mace | DOC

Ahukawakawa Swamp

This wetland is located at an altitude of 920 metres above sea level and was formed some 3,500 years ago when debris flows from the mountain blocked the Stony River between the northern slopes of Mt Taranaki and the Pouakai Range.

This large wetland is the home of fascinating schrubs and other plants including the large red tussocks which thrive in these types of medium fertility wet soils. Small herbs, grasses and mosses make up the ground cover on the floor of the wetland.

Potaema Bog

Tucked into a frost-hollow in Egmont National Park, the Potaema Bog is a little touch of magic amongst the tall forest.

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