Lake Waipori, Lake Waihola and their associated wetlands provide some of the most significant waterfowl habitat in Otago.

Waihola Waipori wetlands

Lake Waihola, Lake Waipori and their associated wetlands are the most significant waterfowl habitat in Otago. The area is nationally and internationally recognised as a precious refuge for many threatened and endangered species of plant, fish and bird.

Waipori wetlands. Waipori wetlands

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Sinclair wetlands

Sinclair wetlands is a privately owned property within the wider Waihola Waipori wetlands.

There is a Visitor Centre at the Sinclair Wetlands. Off State Highway 87 from Dunedin to Middlemarch, a walking track provides access through to Sutton Salt Lake, an inland saline lake with an average depth of 30cm and salinity of 15 percent. The lake has no known inflow or outflow.

Sutton Salt Lake

Sutton Salt Lake is New Zealand's only inland salt lake, with water about half as salty as seawater. It is approximately one hour's drive inland from Dunedin, Otago, on the east coast of the South Island.

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Pounawea Estuary

This estuary is rich in birdlilfe and is also popular for fishing, boating, kayaking and swimming.

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Ahuriri Valley

The Ahuriri Valley in North Otago has some diverse wetlands, with large shallow pools, oxbow ponds and river backwaters to fertile swamps and infertile bogs.

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