Ongoing: We are looking for adventurous and creative people to sign up and join the Dunedin Trail Crew.


Keen to get out with some mates onto the beaches and into the forests? Like to hit the trail on two wheels or two feet?

Here’s your opportunity to make these places even greater than they already are. Sign up now and you could be joining a team of trail maintenance experts as a Dunedin Trail Crew volunteer in some of Dunedin's coolest spots!

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Dunedin and Coastal Otago is blessed with countless trails to explore, running, walking, cycling and mountain biking.

These trails bring nature to life for thousands of people. Visiting them is healthy too!

Joining the Dunedin Trail Crew is your opportunity to explore new places, learn new skills and meet new people. You'll be working to make Dunedin's trails great, so even more people can appreciate and enjoy nature.

What you'll be doing

As part of the Dunedin Trail Crew you’ll be working on DOC, Dunedin City Council and community trails all over Dunedin. You could be working in a number of roles, including leadership, storytelling and as a crew member.

You could be keeping the leaves and branches off the trail with hand tools or weed-eaters, repairing the trail surface and creating good drainage, leading your mates on the trail or sharing the stories of our unique places through writing, design and marketing.

Trail Crew fieldwork is focused on trails of easy to moderate walking difficulty in and around Dunedin City.

Sign up

To join the Dunedin Trail Crew complete the registration form and we'll set you up with an opportunity to hit the trails.


If you have any questions contact:

Catherine Hosted
DOC Coastal Otago Volunteer Project Facilitator

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