Get involved with conservation groups working with DOC in Auckland.

Listed below are some volunteer-based groups that you can get involved with. You'll learn new skills, meet like-minded people, contribute to conservation, and increase your connection to your local community and natural spaces.

For more conservation volunteer opportunities in Auckland volunteer for a DOC project.

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Across the region

Chinese Conservation Education Trust

Aim: To foster a love and understanding of New Zealand's special places, plants and animals among New Zealand's large Chinese community. 

Chinese Conservation Education Trust website 

Experiencing Marine Reserves

Aim: To raise awareness, understanding and involvement in marine conservation through experiential learning about marine conservation, e.g. guided snorkelling and kayaking for schools, and investigating marine biodiversity via a classroom presentation. Volunteer opportunity: fundraising. 

Experiencing Marine Reserves website

New Zealand Bird Rescue Charitable Trust

Aim: To rescue, rehabilitate and release orphaned, sick and injured birds, native and non-native, some 4000-5000 each year. Volunteer opportunities: fundraising. 

NZ Bird Rescue Charitable Trust website

New Zealand dotterel and shorebird advocacy and protection

Aim: To protect the New Zealand dotterel and other shorebirds in the Auckland region. There are many breeding and flocking sites for the endangered New Zealand dotterel and other shorebirds. Some of these areas have established community groups working to protect, advocate for and monitor bird populations.

See breeding site contacts for a list of known shorebird breeding sites in the Auckland region that have groups or individuals watching over them.

Sir Peter Blake Marine Education and Recreation Centre

Aim: To provide life changing marine environmental education and outdoor experiences for young New Zealanders especially through schools. Volunteer opportunities: fundraising support or take the team to MERC for team building activities. 

Sir Peter Blake Marine Education and Recreation Centre website

Hauraki Gulf and islands

Glenfern Sanctuary

Aim: To provide a safe haven for endangered native species on the Kotuku Peninsula, including black petrel, brown teal, chevron skink and North Island robin. 

Glenfern Sanctuary website

Little Barrier Island (Hauturu) Supporters' Trust

Aim: To support and contribute to the conservation of Te Hauturu-o-Toi/Little Barrier Island and its significance as a wildlife sanctuary of international importance.

Hauturu Supporters' Trust website

Motuihe Trust

Aim: To restore, enhance and protect the indigenous flora and fauna and the significant historic sites of Motuihe Island.

Motuihe Trust website

Motu Kaikoura Trust

Aim: To restore Kaikoura Island, a 564 ha island to the west of Port Fitzroy, Great Barrier Island/Aotea.

Motu Kaikoura Trust website

Motuora Island Restoration Society

Aim: To the native forest habitat on Motuora Island by planting native trees grown from seed collected on the island.

Motuora Restoration Society website

Motutapu Restoration Trust

Aim: To restore the cultural and natural landscape of Motutapu Island.

Motutapu Restoration Trust website

Rangitoto Island Historic Conservation Trust

Aim: To conserve and interpret the historic bach communities on Rangitoto Island for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

Rangitoto Island Historic Conservation Trust website

Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi Island

Aim: To restore Tiritiri Matangi Island and establish an open sanctuary for endangered native species.

Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi website

Matakana Coast and Kaipara

CUE Haven native forest restoration

Aim: To restore farmland to native forest on the South Kaipara Harbour.

CUE Haven website

Leigh Penguin Project

Aim: To create a safe habitat for little blue penguins/kororā and other seabirds to thrive along the coast from Ti Point to Goat Island. Forest & Bird's Little Blue Penguin/kororā Project in the Warkworth area.


Mataia Restoration Project 

Aim: To restore 400 ha of coastal native forest margins and saltmarsh wetlands on the Kaipara Harbour.

Mataia Restoration Project website

New Zealand Fairy Tern Charitable Trust

Aim: To support the Fairy Tern Recovery Project initiated by DOC in 1991. Volunteer opportunity: fundraising to support DOC volunteers at all current breeding and wintering grounds, so that participation is affordable to willing helpers. 

New Zealand Fairy Tern Charitable Trust website

Omaha Shorebird Protection Trust

Aim: To protect the birds at Omaha Spit, their eggs and chicks, monitor the bird population and raise public awareness.

Omaha Shorebird Protection Trust website

Tamahunga predator trapping group

Aim: To protect native plants and wildlife in the forests of Mount Tamahunga and encourage recolonisation of birds by trapping rodents and mustelids.

Tamahunga trappers Facebook page

Tawharanui Open Sanctuary Society Inc (TOSSI)

Aim: To create a refuge for native animals at Tawharanui Regional Park in partnership with the Auckland Council. Volunteer activities include: forest and wetland restoration, re-introduction of threatened species, monitoring animals and plants, pest control, nursery work, education and development of walking tracks. 

Tawharanui Open Sanctuary Society website

North Shore and Hibiscus Coast

Forts of Auckland

Aim: To preserve the history of the forts by assisting DOC to restore and maintain the historic sites at North Head and Fort Takapuna (Fort Cautley) as significant tourist attractions and areas of public interest. 

Forts of Auckland website

Friends of Okura Bush (FOOB)

Aim: To restore an established coastal broadleaf and kauri forest. Volunteer activities include: pest animal and weed control. 

Friends of Okura Bush website

Kaipatiki Project native bush restoration

Aim: To protect and restore the Witherford Reserve in Glenfield, North Shore City.

Kaipatiki Project website

Raroa Urban Nature Reserve Project

Aim: To make Raroa an urban nature reserve within the North-West Wildlink, that provides an oasis for skinks and birds, and a place for the community to enjoy.

Raroa Urban Nature Reserve Project on Forest and Bird website

Shakespear Open Sanctuary Society

Aim: To create an accessible haven for wildlife on Shakespear Regional Park, working with Auckland Council. Volunteer activities include: planting, monitoring, surveying repairing fences, tracks, picnic sites etc. 

Shakespear Open Sanctuary Society website

Tuff Crater Restoration Project

Aim: To preserve and restore an extinct volcano in Northcote. Volunteer activities include: pest control - monitoring 55 bait stations, maintaining paths, installing benches, planting and weeding. 

Tuff Crater Restoration Project website

Western suburbs, inner Waitemata Harbour

Ark in the Park

Aim: To restore the Cascade Kauri Park in the Waitakere Ranges including reintroducing native animals that would once have thrived in the area. Volunteer activities include: baiting predator traps, stoat trap checking, bird monitoring, weed removal, track maintenance and planting. 

Ark in the Park website

Motu Manawa (Pollen Island) Restoration Group

Aim: To preserve one of the few significant wetland bird feeding and breeding grounds remaining in the Waitemata Harbour. Volunteer activities include: predator and pest control, weeding and conducting field studies; lobbying and submissions.

Motu Manawa (Pollen Island) Restoration Group website

Central and southern suburbs and Manukau Harbour

Mangere Mountain Education Trust and Education Centre

Aim: To promote and preserve the mountain as a cultural and educational resource for Maori and Pasifika children. Volunteering activities include fundraising. 

Mangere Mountain Education Trust and Education Centre website

Whau River Catchment Trust

Aim: To improve the Whau River ecosystem for a healthier river and streams through community participation and kaitiakitanga. Volunteer activities include: planting native trees and shrubs. 

Whau River Catchment Trust website

Eastern suburbs and Franklin

Friends of Mangemangeroa Society

Aim: To maintain and enlarge, with eco-sourced planting, the natural habitats of the Mangemangeroa Valley reserves. Volunteer activities include: removing non-natives, sourcing eco-seedlings, planting and weeding. 

Friends of Mangemangeroa Society website

Pukorokoro Miranda Shorebird Centre

Aim: To promote awareness of coastal ecology, particularly the migratory shorebirds of the Forth of Thames. Volunteering opportunity: raising funds for research, education, training and active conservation. 

Pukorokoro Miranda Shorebird Centre

Purewa Restoration Group

Aim: To turn a weed infested rubbish dump in Kohimarama into a beautiful native forest for the community, the second largest area of bush left in the Auckland central area. Volunteer activities include: controlling weeds, planting new natives, track laying and encouraging birdlife to return. 

Purewa Restoration Group website

WekaWatch Kawakawa Bay

Aim: To protect the small population of North Island weka at Kawakawa Bay. Volunteer activities include: planting, weeding and pest control activities plus monitoring- regular surveys of the weka population in the core area every autumn. 

WekaWatch Kawakawa Bay website

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