Weeds are having a significant impact on our native plant communities. Weeds smother and displace native plants and ecosystems in every part of New Zealand.

Weedbusters logo.

Left unchecked, weeds will change our landscape and destroy our natural heritage, and that includes endangering our rare and threatened birds.

Weedbusters is a weeds awareness and education programme that aims to protect our environment from the increasing weed problem. DOC has a lead role in the Weedbusters initiative. 

Controlling weeds is an important part of conservation work, and unless everyone plays their part in stopping the spread of weeds we will be fighting a losing battle.

Join DOC and Weedbusters to fight a War on Weeds.

You can help make a difference. The weediest places are often those closest to towns as over 70% of invasive weeds were originally garden plants. Get involved to prevent new weed species damaging our ecosystems and species. 

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