April 2009
This manual provides specific means of compliance with the provisions of the building code when constructing backcountry huts.


This manual (in eight parts), provides a specific means of compliance with the provisions of the building code for building new or altering existing backcountry huts on land managed by the Department of Conservation (DOC). Backcountry huts are defined in a 2008 amendment to the building code.

The manual ensures building code compliance is achieved and will be referenced by DOC staff, its consultants and territorial and consent authorities. It may also be of interest to the users of backcountry huts managed by DOC.


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These documents are being made available outside DOC to share our best practice. Any use by members of the public is at their own risk and DOC disclaims all liability in reference to that risk.

As the documents were written for DOC staff they may include DOC-specific terms and reference internal documents only accessible to DOC staff. You may need further help to do the work described and also need to get authorisation. Caveats may apply.

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