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The partial review of the Otago Conservation Management Strategy has been approved and became operative on 1 July 2022.

View the approved 2022 Otago CMS partial review

This partial review should be read in conjunction with the original document, published in 2016.

Summary of the public notification process

The draft Otago CMS was publicly notified on 23 October 2020. Submissions closed on 21 December 2020. A total of 1,748 submissions were received.

Hearings were held on the draft Otago CMS in April 2021. Following the hearings, the Department prepared its responses to the submissions received and revised the draft Otago CMS. The responses and revised draft were forwarded to the Otago Conservation Board for their consideration on 26 August 2021.

On 20 September 2021, the Otago Conservation Board formally resolved to forward the revised draft Otago CMS to the New Zealand Conservation Authority (NZCA) for consideration and final approval. The revised draft Otago CMS (known as recommended draft Otago CMS) was forwarded to the NZCA.

The NZCA approved the partial review to the Otago CMS on 16–17 June 2022, with an operative date of 1 July 2022.

View the approved 2022 Otago CMS partial review

Earlier versions of the draft Otago CMS

View the draft Otago CMS that was notified in October 2020.

View the Otago Conservation Board and Department’s changes to the notified draft Otago CMS. This was sent to the NZCA on 20 September 2021.

Department’s responses to submissions

The responses to individual submissions are listed by submitter. The response to the four standard (‘form’) submissions is listed by ‘form’ submission.

Individual submissions and responses:

Form submissions and responses:

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