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View the draft Otago Conservation Management Strategy partial review revisions.

The Otago Conservation Board has completed their consideration of the revised draft Otago CMS.

The revised draft has now been forwarded to the New Zealand Conservation Authority for consideration, including consultation with the Minister of Conservation before final approval.

Further changes may be made to the draft Otago CMS by the New Zealand Conservation Authority and Minister of Conservation before approval.

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Recommended draft Otago CMS

The draft Otago CMS was publicly notified on 23 October 2020. Submissions closed on 21 December 2020. A total of 1748 submissions were received.

Hearings were held on the draft Otago CMS in April 2021. Following the hearings, the Department prepared its responses to the submissions received and revised the draft Otago CMS. The responses and revised draft were forwarded to the Otago Conservation Board for their consideration on 26 August 2021.

On 20 September 2021, the Otago Conservation Board formally resolved to forward the revised draft Otago CMS to the New Zealand Conservation Authority for consideration and final approval. The revised draft Otago CMS (known as recommended draft Otago CMS) has been forwarded to the Authority for their meeting on 14 and 15 October 2021.

Recommended draft CMS

View the Otago Conservation Board and Department’s changes to the notified draft Otago CMS, with and without tracked changes in the document.

View the draft Otago CMS that was notified in October 2020 (PDF, 487K)

Note the revised draft Otago CMS is not approved and may be changed by the New Zealand Conservation Authority in the next step of the Otago CMS review process.

Also note the interactive map viewer has not yet been revised to reflect the changes.

Department’s responses to submissions

The responses to individual submissions are listed by submitter. The response to the four standard (‘form’) submissions is listed by ‘form’ submission.

Individual submissions and responses:

Form submissions and responses:

Otago CMS review process

The process for reviewing a conservation management strategy is set out in the Conservation Act 1987. 

Process and timeframes for the Otago CMS review



The Department initiated a partial review of the Otago CMS

3 March 2020

Pre consultation (asking for proposal)

May 2020

The Department prepared the draft Otago CMS

Completed October 2020

Draft Otago CMS publicly notified

23 October 2020

Submissions closed

21 December 2020

Hearings held

12, 13, 19 April 2021

The Department prepares responses to submissions and revises draft Otago CMS and sent revised draft to the Otago Conservation Board

Completed 26 August 2021

The Otago Conservation Board considers the Department’s responses to submissions and revised draft Otago CMS

Completed September 2021

The Otago Conservation Board refers the revised draft Otago CMS to the New Zealand Conservation Authority

Completed 20 September 2021

The New Zealand Conservation Authority considers the recommended draft Otago CMS and consults the Minister of Conservation

Late 2021 – early 2022

The Minister of Conservation considers the recommended draft Otago CMS and provides comments

October 2021 – early 2022

New Zealand Conservation Authority approves the Otago CMS

Early 2022

The Otago CMS is published and implemented

Early 2022

Map viewer

The interactive map viewer shows:

  • the proposed bike tracks and affected parcels public conservation land and waters, and
  • whether they are ‘supported’, ‘not supported’ or ‘unsure/seeking public feedback':

Interactive map viewer.

It is important to note the notified draft Otago CMS and the mapping only consider proposals on public conservation land and waters. Proposals outside public conservation land and waters may require landowner permission. Some of the proposals considered are aspirational ideas, currently unfunded and undeveloped.

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