The Raukumara Ranges, Raukumara Conservation Park
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Have your say on the nga Whakahaere Takirua consultation process.

Nga Whakahaere Takirua mo Nga Paanga Whenua o Ngati Porou conservation management strategy (the CMS) will be co-authored by the Department of Conservation (DOC) and Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou (TRONPnui).

It will be a strategic document to guide decision making and reporting. It will contain policies, objectives or outcomes for the integrated management of the natural and historic resources of Nga Paanga Whenua o Ngati Porou.

About the process

The Ngati Porou Claims Settlement Act 2012 requires DOC and TRONPnui to prepare nga Whakahaere Takirua, in consultation with the East Coast Hawke’s Bay Conservation Board.

The process for preparing nga Whakahaere Takirua is set out in sections 25 to 31 of the Ngati Porou Claims Settlement Act 2012.

Nga Paanga Whenua o Ngati Porou

Nga Paanga Whenua o Ngati Porou are 22 areas of conservation land in the East Coast region within the Ngati Porou rohe, which are held in public ownership and managed by DOC. The Crown acknowledges the cultural significance to Ngati Porou of nga Paanga Whenua o Ngati Porou as the ancestral lands over which Ngati Porou exercises mana in accordance with Ngati Porou tikanga. 

Nga Paanga Whenua o Ngati Porou include:

  • Ahikouka Conservation Area
  • Anaura Bay Recreation Reserve
  • Henri Loisel Scenic Reserve
  • Hicks Bay Local Purpose Reserve
  • Hicks Bay Conservation Area
  • Kopuapounamu Conservation Area
  • Littleworths Conservation Area
  • Makaramea Scenic Reserve
  • Mangaharei Stream Local Purpose (Soil Conservation and River Control) Reserve
  • Mangaharei Local Purpose (Water Supply) Reserve
  • Marginal Strip Conservation Area
  • Norma Leonie Shelton Scenic Reserve
  • Nuhiti Q Scenic Reserve
  • Okitu Bush Scenic Reserve
  • Part Raukumara Conservation Park
  • Part Raparapaririki Conservation Area
  • Taurangakautuku River No.1 Marginal Strip
  • Taurangakautuku River No.2 Marginal Strip
  • Teritua Conservation Area
  • Tokomaru Forest Conservation Area
  • Waipare Scenic Reserve
  • Potaka Conservation Area


June 2019 update

The co-authored CMS is being developed by a cross-functional project team from TRONPnui and DOC to integrate the management of natural and historic resources of Nga Paanga Whenua o Ngati Porou.

The project is currently at drafting stage of the CMS development process and we have planned for public notification early 2020.

For further information about the CMS project, contact:

Chris Visser, Statutory Manager, Lower North Island, Department of Conservation

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