Flat and upper Acheron, Molesworth Station
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The online survey on the current and future management of Molesworth Station is now closed. Thank you to the many people who took the time to make their views known.

This consultation is a requirement of the 2013 Molesworth management plan, which recognised that many people were interested in wider access and recreation opportunities at Molesworth.

It’s important for us to get an idea of how people regard Molesworth and its many values today.

About Molesworth

Molesworth is an iconic high-country station. It is owned by the public of New Zealand and managed by DOC on your behalf.

The Station became a recreation reserve in 2005. It has many values, including heritage, conservation, cultural and recreation.

Managing Molesworth

Molesworth is currently managed as a working high-country station through a farming lease and grazing licence to Landcorp. The farming lease expires in 2020.

A management plan for Molesworth was approved in 2013. Its intention was to transition Molesworth from its traditional focus on farming to include more recreation and conservation activities.

The plan puts restrictions on public access in order to meet farming requirements. It may be necessary to manage recreational activity to protect conservation goals for natural, cultural and historic reasons, and to protect the recreational experience of other users.

DOC sees potential in working collaboratively with others on landscape-scale restoration in Molesworth. It is a biodiversity hotspot for a wide range of dryland animal and plant species. It also faces challenges from pests and significant weed problems such as wilding conifers.

Have your say

Let us know how you would like Molesworth managed for future generations to enjoy and experience.

Your responses to this survey and comments will be considered by DOC and a summary of feedback will be put on this website.

We want your thoughts on:

  • how Molesworth is currently managed
  • how you think the range of values on Molesworth should be managed into the future
  • future opportunities or improvements to the way Molesworth is managed.
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