October 2013
Molesworth Station is a unique part of the South Island high country and a national taonga/treasure.

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Molesworth Recreation Reserve ('Molesworth') is a unique part of the South Island high country. This remarkable landscape supports many values and represents an important part of New Zealand’s high country heritage.

Two roads facilitate public access through Molesworth, the nation’s largest farm, where natural, historical, cultural and recreational values are protected alongside a pastoral farming operation.

Its remoteness and sheer size (180,787 hectares, about the size of Stewart Island/Rakiura) belie the public’s ability to reach Molesworth within three hours of leaving Christchurch, Blenheim or Nelson.

In 2005 the government added Molesworth to New Zealand’s network of high country parks and reserves. It is to remain a working high country station; however the wider public interests, particularly conservation and recreation, are to be enhanced. This change will occur gradually to ensure successful integration.

This management plan expresses the vision of a high country reserve that supports a broad spectrum of values, including farming, and represents the continued progression towards achieving this vision. The management plan sits alongside a farming lease and grazing licence that set the parameters for the farming operation, with Landcorp Farming Limited as Lessee.

Managing this wide range of uses presents challenges, but also offers considerable benefits to the nation.

This management plan has been prepared in accordance with the farming lease and Section 40B of the Reserves Act 1977. It remains operative unless formally reviewed in full or in part or amended.

The description of iwi values and interests is incomplete in this management plan. This text was put on hold while the Treaty of Waitangi settlement processes for Te Tau Ihu (Top of the South iwi) were completed. Text relating to iwi values and interests, and giving effect to the Treaty of Waitangi principles, will be added to the management plan when it is reviewed.

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