Use these resources to learn about conservation dogs, biosecurity, Predator Free 2050 and how to take conservation action in your local community.

Conservation dogs programme cover.

This resource provides an introduction into the Conservation Dogs Programme and the important role it plays in protecting New Zealand’s unique biodiversity.

The learning activities align with DOC’s inquiry learning cycle and link to New Zealand Curriculum levels 1–4 (years 1–8) but can be adapted for use at various levels.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the important role conservation dogs play to protect New Zealand’s unique nature.
  • Understand how introduced predators affect the environment and our native species.
  • Determine how to take action to identify and reduce threats to our native species.

Download the resource

Conservation Dogs Programme (PDF, 4,204K) 

Lesson plans for Fanimals Paws on Patrol

These lesson plans provide learning opportunities to support with viewing the Paws on Patrol episodes. The episodes and lessons can be viewed/completed in any order:

  1. Harper the plague/rainbow skink detection dog (PDF, 1,339K)
  2. Sassy the rodent pest detection dog (PDF, 1,347K)
  3. Flint and Kowhai the rodent and mustelid pest detection dogs (PDF, 885K)
  4. Peg and Duke the kiwi detection dogs (PDF, 775K)
  5. Bella the kiwi detection dog (PDF, 741K)
  6. Max the feral cat detection dog (PDF, 797K)
  7. Neo and Beau the ōi/grey-faced petrel detection dogs (PDF, 956K)
  8. Beau and Max the whio detection dogs (PDF, 1,159K)
  9. Wink the spartina grass detection dog (PDF, 802K)
  10. Gadget the rodent pest detection dog (PDF, 769K)

Watch the Paws on Patrol videos on our youtube playlist


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