Mandala out of leaves
Image: Abigail Monteith | ©


Use leaves to make patterns, colourful rubbings and prints.

What you need

Making leaf art
Image: The Artful Parent ©

  • A range of different shaped and textured leaves
  • Paper
  • Crayons

What to do

Collect a range of different leaves. Try and pick leaves from the ground instead of pulling them off plants.

Make a mandala

Make a masterpiece on the ground by arranging the leaves into a pattern.

Make a rubbing of your leaves

  1. Hold a leaf under a sheet of paper while gently going over the paper with a crayon.
  2. Colour over where the leaf is, using even pressure.
  3. Try holding the crayon in different ways to see if it changes the quality and effects of your rubbings.

Make a print of your leaves

Experiment with rolling paint onto leaves and making prints or stamps. Use rollers for an even result.

Present your artwork

Display your artwork for all to see, or give your masterpiece to friends and whānau as a gift.

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