Answers to common questions about jobs at DOC, customs, permits and concessions, buying and selling products, and copyright.

Below is a list of commonly asked questions about DOC and our work. 

Note that although this FAQ is designed to be helpful it is not a complete discussion nor a substitute for legal advice. It may not cover important issues that affect you and, depending on your situation, you may wish to contact us for further information or advice.

Jobs at DOC

Also read our FAQ about volunteering.

Customs and the international trade and movement of animal and plant species

Buying and selling products

Copyright/links to website

Jobs at DOC

How do I find out about job vacancies at DOC?

Visit the Careers section of this website. Here you can see all of our permanent, temporary and casual employment opportunities and apply online. 

What skills and qualifications do I need to gain employment with DOC?

People who are looking for a job with DOC are sometimes required to have a relevant tertiary qualification. However there are positions where a qualification is not required. Read information about qualifications.

Does DOC provide an internship or work placement programme?

DOC is not currently involved in work placement programmes. Our Summer Internship Programme has some opportunities for tertiary students with an interest in conservation to gain skills and experience to complement their study.

What do I need to do to become a DOC ranger?

All DOC vacancies, including ranger positions, are advertised on our website.

If you are interested in training as a ranger there are several tertiary institutions throughout New Zealand that offer entry-level conservation qualifications. 

The Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology has a formal relationship with DOC and offers the National Certificate in Conservation (Trainee Ranger) programme. This programme is designed to produce graduates with the skills and training to move into trainee ranger positions with DOC.

If I don’t come from New Zealand can I still work for DOC?

To work for DOC you need to be a permanent resident of New Zealand. DOC does have accredited employer status which means it can recruit from overseas for certain positions where there is an identified skill shortage in New Zealand. If you have a current work permit you are eligible to work on temporary contracts. Australians can work freely in New Zealand.

DOC does not sponsor people to come and work in New Zealand, nor does it have its own internship programme. More information about working in New Zealand can be found on the Immigration NZ website.

If there aren’t any jobs available for me right now, should I send you my CV for your files?

No. DOC does not have a register of interest in employment so we won't keep your CV.

Customs and the international trade and movement of animal and plant species

How can I find out about bringing plant and animal species in and out of the country?

Read our Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) pages. Amongst other things you will learn about the process for bringing old ivory, fur coats, coral and shells into New Zealand, as well as regulations around importing animal pelts or skins and bringing exotic species into the country.

What are the regulations for bringing in fishing tackle from overseas?

Because of the risk of introducing, or spreading, invasive pests in New Zealand the regulations around bringing in fishing tackle have been tightened up. You should check the Minstry for Primary Industries Biosecurity website to find out what regulations are in place and what you need to do. In particular there is an Import Health Standard which covers fishing gear (section 6.4).

Can I bring freeze-dried food with me to New Zealand?

The Ministry for Primary Industries allows most freeze-dried food providing it:

  • is shelf stable
  • does not require further cooking (only re-hydration)
  • is commercially prepared and packaged and is still in its original packaging.

Can I take seashells I have collected on the beach with me when I leave New Zealand?


Can I send a packet of seeds overseas?

The Ministry for Primary Industries has no restrictions on seeds going overseas, but cannot guarantee that they will be allowed into the chosen country. Declare them as seeds on the customs declaration.

Buying and selling products

Does DOC sell items of its uniform to the public?


Copyright/links to website

Can I use information and photos from the DOC website, and how should I reference any material I use?  

Read our copyright statement to find out how you may use and acknowledge material from the DOC website.

Can I link to your website and can you put a link from your site to mine?

You are welcome to link to the DOC website.

DOC considers requests to link to external websites on a case-by-case basis. We will only link to websites which we consider relevant to the goals of conservation, and link to commercial websites only in exceptional circumstances.

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