A Wishlist Account allows you to save your parks and recreation wishlist. Here’s how to use it.

Wishlist Account features

A Wishlist Account gives you the ability to:

  • save a DOC parks and recreation activity webpage to a wishlist, and
  • access that wishlist when you’re logged in from any device.

You can add activities to your wishlist by selecting the love heart icon in the overview of the activity.

Without a Wishlist Account you can still add activities but you can’t save them. They will only be stored on the browser and device you used to add them to your wishlist.

You can save these activities to your wishlist:

Wishlist Account is not a booking account

The Wishlist Account does not book DOC facilities.

Book DOC facilities

Log in or create a Wishlist Account

Log in or create a Wishlist Account

You will need to provide an email address and password.

Accounts are deleted after 1 year of inactivity.

Delete your account

To delete your account we need to know the email address you used to log in to your account.

To delete your account on the DOC booking system, email

When your account has been deleted we’ll send you an email confirming your account has been deleted.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of the Wishlist Account

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