The committee represents iwi and local community interests and provides advice about the management of the Aotea Conservation Park.


The Aotea Conservation Park was established in April 2015, covering 12,282 ha on Aotea/Great Barrier Island, which is approximately 43% of the island. The onservation park is a significant feature of the island and provides a range of cultural, recreation, economic and other opportunities for tangata whenua and the island community.

Tangata whenua and the island community are closely connected to the land within the conservation park and have a strong interest in how the park is managed. They supported creation of the park provided that they were able to influence its management through an advisory committee.

The Aotea Conservation Park Advisory Committee comprises a group of ten representatives from iwi and the Aotea/Great Barrier Island community.

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Nominations are invited for the second term of the Aotea Conservation Park Advisory Committee, to be appointed by the Minister of Conservation under section 56(1) of the Conservation Act 1987. Appointments will be for a term of up to three years. 

The closing date for nominations is Friday 14 December 2018. Nominations must be lodged with the Aotea/Great Barrier office of the Department of Conservation by 4.30pm on that date, and may be lodged by hand delivery, post or email. 

For further information and nomination forms contact:

Fenella Christian
Phone: +64 9 429 0044

The Minister of Conservation made appointments to the inaugural Aotea Conservation Park Advisory Committee for a three-year term commencing on 1 March 2016.

Current members are:

  • Anthony (Tony) Christiansen
  • Paul Downie
  • Judy Gilbert
  • Nicola Macdonald
  • Catherine Munroe
  • Rodney Ngawaka
  • Debra (Liane) Ngamane
  • Kate Waterhouse
  • Vacant
  • Vacant. 

Terms of reference

The Minister of Conservation has approved the terms of reference and procedures for the advisory committee in 2015. These set out the purpose and functions of the advisory committee, and key requirements for how it will operate.

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