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The Department of Conservation publishes a wide range of documents on the work we do, from scientific notes and threatened species recovery plans to management plans and annual reports.

Our science publications record science investigations by our staff and contractors. We publish several series, stand-alone reports and books, science posters and factsheets.


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Our publications

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Other published reports

The reports from some of our science investigations are published in professional journals. These reports are listed in our catalogue, but are not available through this website or from DOC. They may be consulted through libraries, or enquiries can be made directly to the journal concerned.

Copyright information

All our science publications are held under Crown Copyright. We ask that you respect copyright when using our material.

To request permission to republish material from our science publications, contact us with the following information:

Details of the work to be published:

  • Title
  • Author/editor(s)
  • Publication date
  • Figure/table number (if applicable)
  • Print run
  • Price (including currency)

Details of the material to be reproduced:

  • Title
  • Author/editor(s)
  • Series title
  • Issue number
  • Publication year
  • Page number
  • Figure/table number (if applicable)

If possible include a screenshot or photocopy of the material concerned.

Guide for authors

View an information guide for authors of DOC's science publications:.

We have a DOC style for Endnote. This means that if you use Endnote to format your references in papers you are submitting for publication in one of our series, you shouldn't have to do anything but apply the style and your references will be beautifully formatted. Contact us if you would like a copy.

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