April 1997
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This is the Conservation Management Strategy (CMS) for the Whanganui / Taranaki region. The CMS is a statutory document and has been prepared in accordance with Part IIIA of the Conservation Act 1987.

Its purpose is to establish the objectives for the integrated management of the natural and historic resources, including any species, managed by the Department, under the Wildlife Act 1953, the Marine Reserves Act 1971, the Reserves Act 1977, the Wild Animal Control Act 1977, the Marine Mammals Protection Act 1978, the National Parks Act 1980, the New Zealand Walkways Act 1990 or any of them, and for recreation, tourism and other conservation purposes.

The CMS also identifies and describes all protected areas managed by the Department within the boundaries of the strategy.

The Wanganui CMS was approved by the New Zealand Conservation Authority in April 1997. It remains operative until a new CMS is approved. A review of the CMS is not currently scheduled.

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 ISBN: 0-478-01919-1


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